Sabtu, 04 September 2010

Trip to Bunaken and Siladen Island

This trip I experienced a few months ago but could now be shared, with friends in an insurance company who took me to documentary the trip to the Bunaken and Siladen island, really illustrates the potential of Indonesia's rich natural panorama
by renting a fishing boat that is near my house, we travel to the island of Bunaken, very exciting because our boat was riding a small boat which is only enough for six people. but I do not recommend you go to Bunaken in this way. There are others who rented boats to go to Bunaken
after breakfast on the island of Bunaken, we were snorkeling in Bunaken marine park. I really wanted to dive but the timing is not possible. No pictures can I share here while we were snorkeling because I was too busy playing with a beautiful fish under the sea
Bunaken's is a paradise divers, many tourists who dive here both foreign and domestic.

after being satisfied playing with a beautiful fish, we continued our journey to the Siladen island, here we are treated to beautiful scenery, white sand coupled with the clear sea water, green trees with mountain background. Really beautiful natural panorama
this is their action on the Siladen island.

before continuing the journey to home, and just follow my passion photography
This makes me always want to go back to snorkeling there

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