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10 Tips Membuat Design Rumah Anda

10 Tips to Make Your Home Design

If you have decided to build a house, the most important step after finding residential land is to design your future. certainly not an easy thing that required careful planning to create a design that reflects the tastes as well as needs and budget. Here are 10 tips to help you.

1. Determine the type of your home. First you must determine the type of houses to be built, because the design of the house is very diverse. If you have found the design you want, make a list of priorities that you need. Maybe not all criteria could be implemented, but at least you can choose the most ideal where you wish. Suppose you want a house small type, medium, large, villa, or even boarding-lodging house for investment.
2. Make a list of criteria required. Start with the most important, namely the number of rooms, bathroom, family room, dining room layout, porch, until the size of your garage.
After the main list is finished, continue planning for the room. You can make a list of the most important tools. For example, kitchen sets, audio sets, internet and telephone connections, and so forth. Well origin Ntar do most wants aja, clay no.4 tips .. hehe
3. First Check the Local Area Regulations
In some locations these local regulations can greatly affect your overall home design. Of course, knowledge about these regulations can avoid problems later on. (Rather than taxable mulu Ntar demo, hehe ..)
Design A Bag Under 4.Cari you;)
After completing the list of criteria, compare and adjust the budget. This is a difficult thing, especially for newly build houses for pertamakali.Jangan allocate too much money for a house, remember you also need furniture for your home. We recommend that you discuss with our home design that is suitable for your budget.
5. Customize with your Land
Remember to always customize the design of your house with land characteristics. This is useful for planning the arrangement of buildings and parks, because each area are unique.
6. Optimize Efficiency Room
When creating an image space planning, consider the following points:

* Make direct access from garage to kitchen
* Place your room air conditioner or heater in the middle of the room, to balance the temperature of your house
* Main Bedroom sebaiknya'tersembunyi 'for reasons of privacy and reduce noise
* Make sure the width of doors, between rooms, and stairs is enough to pass furniture
7. Future Development Plan
If you are not able to build your whole dream house now, plan to do for future development not only possible but also easy to do. You can perform a gradual development and the prioritization of which the most important part of the house. For example you can build a house with type smarthouse (lt 1 first). Then you can perform the upgrade construction lt 2 in the future.
8. Design Your House Interior Design. You can do this using paper or home design software. Consider also how the lighting, the color of the walls and floors in your home. Besides the usual activities you do at home will take effect for planning the layout of furniture, living room and dining room.
9. Do not underestimate the Light of the Sun Sign in to your house. This is determined your home facing which direction. Place the window to get a lot of natural lighting that allows for energy savings. And if you like the sunrise or sunset, you can design a special place for you to enjoy:)
10. Beautify Your Home of All Sides. Remember that the placement of windows and doors affect the display in or outside your home. Whether you live in the corner and in the midst of the housing, the display side of your house will be obvious. Make a design external appearance and in your home, for example by setting the landscape (garden, flowers) as well as in architecture (eg, additional decoration on the porch) so you can proudly show your home to visitors.

Here are some tips on how to design your home. Surely we are from Emporio ready to consult with you in making your home design:)
(Source: www.toptenreviews.com)

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